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Japanese Street Food is 6 months old!

Japanese Food in Fayetteville

Ichi Kaku Japanese street food in Fayetteville, North Carolina is 6 months old!

The Ichi Kaku family has been so thankful for the warm reception. We had our grand opening in March 2022.

At our grand opening we had an awesome launch giving away merch, going live on FaceBook and had some pretty special guests!

The cosplay community stopped by to show us some love. Be sure to visit us at Fayetteville’s Comic Con twice a year!

Japanese Food in Fayetteville has a new name, Ichi Kaku!

If you have not yet visited Ichi Kaku here are our 3 signature dishes:

Curry Rice

Japanese curry stands alone. It’s not like most Indian curry or Jamaican curry dishes. Although it can be made to taste spicy, our curry is not.

Japanese curry is a smooth savory gravy like texture poured over rice and topped with your choice of pork, whole shrimp, chicken or steak.

In the first few days of opening Mrs Ichi Kaku was giving out samples on a single spoon with just rice and curry sauce. Not one customer who tried the curry sample chose another dish.

Ichi Kaku’s offering of what Japanese call Curry Rice is an excellent year round dish. We offer dine in as well as to go.

Ichi Kaku Ramen

We offer Ramen in other flavors but our Ichi Kaku Ramen is a special blend of Chef Yohei’s own ingredients.

Chef Yohei sources his ingredients from authentic Japanese food vendors. Traditional Japanese food in Fayetteville was pretty similar to other cities before Chef Yohei arrived.

We are very lucky here in Fayetteville because Chef Yohei is bringing authentic dishes from his region of Japan and consistently adding new offerings of Japanese food to the residents of Fayetteville, NC that they may not already be familiar with.

How exciting!


This dish is very popular if you have ever eaten any Asian food there is some variation of teppan.

Fried rice with vegetables and a protein. We keep it simple with a savory blend of onions and zucchini.

The fried rice is tossed on the grill and has some egg bits. The entire dish consists of veggies, fried rice and choice of whole shrimp, steak or chicken.

This is a good meal to order for children who may be new to eating out. It’s also a good meal for lunch on the go.

All Ichi Kaku Japanese Street Food dishes can be packaged to go for you to enjoy in your home or office.

Come visit us at 350 N Eastern Blvd #200, Fayetteville, NC 28301


Call ahead to place pick up with credit card (910) 229-2682

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Gretchen Gardner
Gretchen Gardner
Dec 29, 2023

Our absolute FAVORITE restaurant in Fayetteville! We just moved back to the states from Japan and have been missing true authentic Japanese food - we are SO excited to have now found some, and it's delicious!!! 5x Stars for sure! Looking forward to our family being very regular customers!


Aug 09, 2022

I am sooo looking forward to visiting this restaurant when I take my trip to Fayettville! I've heard nothing but good things about the food!


Aug 09, 2022

Something about this place is so and the food is great too. Good portions and a family atmosphere. My kids love it! The curry s amazing and I love the shrimp and rice.

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